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Eyes and Ears – Mondisa Monde

February 2014 – Composer for musical “Eyes and Ears” by Mondisa Monde. Eyes and Ears focuses on bringing the deaf community together with the hearing community. This new emerging musical presents contemporary styles in music and dance! Our singers will sing a range from Jazz, Gospel, R&B, and Hip Hop. Our dancers will leap from lyrical to body percussion.


March 2014 – Composer for short movie “Worse” by Marina Niava. Trapped in a marriage where they are both unsatisfied, Kelly and Ian each have a different understanding of their wedding vows.


September 2015 – Composer for “Nana” by James Walker. “Twenty years before me, my Nana had travelled around Turkey. This short documentary tells of the story of her experience and the impact of travel and it’s enlightening influence on both our lives. Over 15 days I travelled around Turkey taking footage whenever I could. I explored the beautiful city of Istanbul seeing the palace, the blue mosque and taking footage of the locals. I then made my way to Göreme in Cappadocia. Cappadocia world famous for it’s phenomenal landscape of fairy chimneys and rich history. I enjoyed a stunning boat cruise from Kekova and slept under the stars. The waters of turkey were full of colour especially in Dalyan. Pamukkale was inspiring the colours of the white cliffs and the old ruins. The hauntingly beautiful Gallipoli where so much was lost on both side of an invasion.”

Forever (Trailer)

April 2015 – Trailer/Teaser Music for “Forever” by James Walker. Do you remember everything about the first woman you were infatuated with? This guy does.

Amazing experience with a lot of prizes for this short, including:

  • Jury Prize at Port Short Film Festival 2015
  • Best Editing at Sidney Indie Film Festival 2015

DORIS MEGGER | Finest Italian Cashmere

August 2015 – Royalty-free music for DORIS MEGGER – Finest Italian Cashmere video promo. The German fashion creator Doris Megger has been designing designer-fashion for curvy women since 2007. Her label philosophy is “styling instead of concealing”.

If you liked this music, here you can find it: Dreaming Italy